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My Goodness, My Christmas

A seasonal twist on the ‘My Goodness My GUINNESS®’ campaign – neatly linking in the ostrich in the background!

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My Goodness, My GUINNESS — Sea Lion 01 1935

The first of the great Gilroy ‘zoo-keeper and animal’ series. 20 years later this would inspire the first GUINNESS® television...

My Goodness, My GUINNESS — Ostrich 01 1936

Several members of the public wrote to point out that if the ostrich had drunk the pint, the glass would have been the other way...

My Goodness, My GUINNESS — Pelican 01 1939

‘A wonderful bird is the pelican,
Its bill can hold more than its belly can.
It can hold in its beak
Enough food for a...

My Goodness, My GUINNESS — Kangaroo 01 1943

One of the most popular in the ‘My Goodness My GUINNESS®’ campaign, this idea first appeared in black and white as a press ad and...