GUINNESS® Good Food Guide

GUINNESS® Beef Olives


Serves 4

  • 4 thin round steaks about 6-7 oz each (ask your local butcher)
  • 4 cupfuls of herb bread stuffing (you can buy this ready made)
  • 1 ltr of beef demi glaze
  • ½ can of GUINNESS® Draught
  • Rosemary
  • Salt and pepper

This is one for the lads! Tender beef steaks rolled around a herb stuffing, cooked slowly in GUINNESS®. The result is rich and rewarding. It's great on a winter's night when you need something substantial. Get your mates around for a Hallowe'en party and watch them wolf it down.

Beat the beef with a rolling pin to flatten a little. Place the stuffing onto the steak, roll the steak around it then place in a casserole dish with the seam facing down. Now season the steaks with salt and pepper. Pour the GUINNESS® and demi glaze over the steaks, add the rosemary and cover. Now relax with a cool can of GUINNESS® Draught and let them cook in the oven at 170° C for between 1hr 15mins - 1hr 30mins. Then serve with creamy mash, your favourite vegetables and a generous helping of juices from the pan.

Top tip

Cooking with GUINNESS® gives intense, lasting flavours. It transforms sauces giving them good body and an unbeatable velvety taste. This dish also works with gigots of lamb or escalopes of pork.

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