Never alone

Gareth’s greatest fear wasn’t the opposition he faced on the pitch. This film celebrates the courage of Gareth and support shown by his teammates when he needed them most #madeofmore

The right path

This film celebrates the choice that Ashwin made to defy his circumstances and with the support of those around him be empowered to be who he wanted to be. #madeofmore

Gareth’s Story

Ashwin's Story


This film focuses on Jonny Wilkinson's great humility, his dedication on the training field and his determination to bounce back from injuries, which led to him being as well-loved in Toulon as he is in England

David and Goliath

This film tells of one of the greatest stories of Irish rugby; how a group of ordinary men came together and defied circumstance to achieve something extraordinary

Irrepressible Spirit

This story features the irrepressible spirit of the 'voice of rugby', Bill McLaren, showing that it is not the misfortune we are dealt - but how we face it - that really counts.

The Bill McLaren Foundation was instrumental in helping create this film.

Mind Over Matter

This film proves that there are far greater qualities a man can possess than just physical ones. Shane Williams proved that with determination, character and ambition, anything is possible no matter what the doubters say

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