Fancy a pint?

At 17:59, there's only one place you want to be

It's 17:59, the end of the working day – we know what we'd like to be holding in our hands – a delicious tasting pint of GUINNESS®. Discover a pub near you, wherever you are, with our Pub Finder. We can pinpoint your location and send you local pub details, which you can use to create a favourites list.

Text "CHEERS" to 81759 to get the GUINNESS® Pub Finder.

Your pint of GUINNESS® is closer than you think.

18's and over only. Text and web access will be charged at standard network rates.

While you're waiting for your perfect pint to be poured why not download one of our fun pub games, quizzes or cash prize competitions? You've got 119.5 seconds...