8. Packaging

The beer is now almost ready for packaging, but whatever the variant, GUINNESS® is always crowned with a distinctive head.

With GUINNESS® Draught, nitrogen is added in the packaging process , this is what gives the pint the magical beauty. When the beer is served, the nitrogen bubbles will be released, bringing the beer alive and creating that famous surge, settle and wonderfully creamy head.

With GUINNESS® Foreign Extra Stout — the depth of character in flavour is matched with the amount of entrained carbon dioxide. When poured from a bottle it releases an eruption of foam, creating the classic, slightly brown, full and creamy head.

After packaging, every batch is tasted by the brewer before leaving the brewery, to ensure that it meets our exacting standards - one of the world's greatest jobs! It's the tradition, craft and passion, passed down through generations for 250 years, that makes it GUINNESS®.

Finally our creation is offically GUINNESS® and it's ready for the rest of the journey. Whether in keg, bottle or can it's on the move again, bound for pubs and bars around the world (or the local just around the corner).