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Anam Cara

Anam Cara provides support services to bereaved parents and families following the death of son or daughter.

Coping with the death of a child is something no parent can ever prepare for. Unfortunately every year in Ireland 2,000 parents have to face this devastating loss.

In the case of a sudden death outside a hospital or hospice setting families often find themselves outside the realms of any support system and struggle to make sense of their grief.

Camara Education

Two problems, one bright solution..

Cormac Lynch's project Camara Education identified two major problems that could benefit from the one solution. Reducing environmentally damaging waste by improving educational resources for some of Africa's most deprived communities.

Growing locally

Making community gardens work for everyone.

Taking inspiration from other countries Margaret Leahy (in conjunction with Clar IRD, a voluntary community development organisation) is developing a model for community gardens which could be delivered all over the country. Community gardens primarily offer training for persons on low incomes to grow their own vegetables and thereby improve their diet and level of exercise.

Fáilte Isteach
Fáilte Isteach

Imagine your child is sick and you cannot ask for help...

This is what Mary Nally thought in 2006 when she recognised the difficulties that new migrants were experiencing integrating into our community as a result of a lack of English. Everyday activities like visiting the GP, assisting children with homework, shopping, understanding correspondence from schools, employers and other institutions are all extremely difficult if comprehension or expression is limited.

Camara Education

Developing 'community sufficiency' through shared knowledge and resources.

Michael Kelly set up GIY (Grow it Yourself) Ireland to promote and facilitate amateur food growing, to encourage people from all walks of life and of all ages to grow their own food and to provide them with the practical skills they need to do so successfully.

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