And we mean more than a bag of crisps between drinks. It could be a long evening, so eat a decent meal if you plan on having a few drinks afterward.

Avoid rounds.

Not everyone drinks at the same pace, so it's okay to skip a round or not have a drink at all. If you have to get involved, try and limit rounds to two or three friends.

Pace yourself.

Pace your drinks over the course of the evening, and don't try to keep up with the fastest drinker. The best pace to drink at is your own.

Drink water.

Having a glass of water between alcoholic drinks will keep you refreshed and hydrated, and could help to make the next day a lot easier!

Take your time.

If you’re lucky enough to have Arthur's Day off work – or just plan on spending time at some of the gigs – then don’t go flat out for the day. Take it slowly, and you’ll enjoy the music and entertainment even more.

Get home safely.

Make sure you plan your transport home before going out, especially if you need to arrange a designated driver. If you have a smartphone, installing the Hailo taxi app will make sure that you have easy access to a taxi home, and the fact that you can pay by card means that you won’t have to worry about cash.

Morning After.

Even if you feel fine the morning after, you may still be over the legal driving limit. Your body gets rid of roughly one standard drink – that's half a pint or a small glass of wine or a pub measure of spirits – per hour, so do the maths before you get behind the wheel.