THE ARTHUR GUINNESS FUND is awarded on the strength of a project's Innovation, Reach, Scale and Social Impact. The applicant must be able to demonstrate not just the power of the idea but also how they plan to implement it successfully.


We're looking to support social entrepreneurs who are leading or starting innovative projects to change Ireland for the better. Applicants can be individuals or leaders of groups, charities or social enterprises.


Before completing an application for THE ARTHUR GUINNESS FUND you may also want to review the Questions and Answers section on our website.

'Applying for the Arthur Guinness Fund, although hard, was a very positive process. Having to put together a 2 year project plan helped us crystalize our idea and really think about how we were going to make it a reality.'

Denis Roche from Vivartes - Open Window

'The great feeling of winning an Arthur Guinness Fund award goes beyond the prize money alone.It's knowing that your application has been reviewed by a wide group of people who believe in the potential for change and what you are trying to achieve'

Denis Roche from Vivartes - Open Window

'I would recommend any social enterprise to become involved with the Arthur Guinness Fund, you will not regret it! '

Ian Elliot - Kanchi