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GUINNESS for Strength — Horse

This ‘GUINNESS® For Strength’ execution is one of our all-time classics. It won John Gilroy a standing ovation when he walked into London’s Garrick Club when the ad first appeared.

This ad contains historical product claims that are not now endorsed by GUINNESS®. In posting these ads it is not our intention to promote benefits of drinking but to show GUINNESS® stout advertising over more than 80 years. We believe that adults who choose to drink should do so responsibly.

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GUINNESS for Strength 01 1934

The famous Girder made its first appearance – people even started asking for a 'girder' in the pub, it was so popular.

GUINNESS for Strength — Dig 01 1945

The Ministry of Information’s ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign was echoed here to become a part of the ‘GUINNESS® for Strength’ series...