• Q: What is The Arthur Guinness Fund™?

    A: The Arthur Guinness Fund™ champions and supports the believers, the thinkers, the dreamers and doers who roll up their sleeves and make great things happen in their communities. Guinness passionately believes in the power of people to unlock their community’s potential, as Arthur Guinness did by being a visionary social entrepreneur who supported and enriched the communities in which he lived and worked. By supporting those who strive for the extraordinary today, the Arthur Guinness Fund promises to lay the foundations for stronger communities tomorrow.

  • Q: When was The Arthur Guinness Fund™ established?

    A: The Arthur Guinness Fund was founded to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Arthur Guinness signing the 9,000 year lease on the world-famous St James's Gate Brewery in Dublin, and to continue his legacy of corporate philanthropy.

  • Q: Why was the Arthur Guinness Fund™ established?

    A: At Guinness we passionately believe in the power of people to unlock their, and their community's, potential. The Arthur Guinness Fund™ was established to continue the philanthropic legacy of founder Arthur Guinness and his descendants. Arthur Guinness and his family were responsible for some of the most profound acts of corporate philanthropy in Irish history, such as funding hospitals and schools that improved the life of the brewery workforce and the wider community, and created a legacy of goodness that continues in our company today. Arthur Guinness had the vision to improve the communities and lives of the citizens where his products were sold around the world. With the Arthur Guinness Fund™, we're proud to continue his good work.

  • Q: How is The Arthur Guinness Fund funded?

    A: The Arthur Guinness Fund was created by Guinness & Co and is not a separate charity. Its monies are held separately by Guinness & Co. and are independently audited.

  • Q: Does The Arthur Guinness Fund represent a long-term commitment on behalf of Guinness?

    A: The Arthur Guinness Fund's objectives are long-term and are designed to sustain a measurable, transformational change to communities around the world.

  • Q: How many global markets have an Arthur Guinness Fund presence?

    A: Projects all around the world have already received support from the Arthur Guinness Fund including Ireland, Africa, Indonesia, France, Spain, the United States and the UK.

  • Q: Does The Arthur Guinness Fund support projects across all sectors or are any specific areas not covered?

    A: The Arthur Guinness Fund operates under the auspices of the Diageo Marketing Code (DMC). As such, we do not support projects that relate to youth education initiatives. However the Fund does support a wide range of innovative and pioneering projects from deforestation, to equal employment opportunities, sustainable farming, and technology.

  • Q: What are the selection criteria for The Arthur Guinness Fund?

    A: The Arthur Guinness Fund supports a wide range of projects all around the world – from deforestation, to equal employment opportunities – and it selects its awardees based on: 1. Innovative thinking. 2. Social good. 3. Achievability. To be an Arthur Guinness Fund awardee you need to be a doer, you are someone who will roll up their sleeves and make great things happen in your community.

  • Q: How does the Arthur Guinness Fund benefit from Arthurs Day?

    A: Arthur's Day celebrates those who, like Guinness founder Arthur Guinness; make bold and brave choices to do things differently to everyone else and who make things happen in their communities. Arthur’s Day generates awareness for the Arthur Guinness Fund and recognition for its awardees who roll up their sleeves to enrich and unlock the potential of their communities.

  • Q: Given the social problems associated with alcohol abuse, is it appropriate for a company like Diageo to be supporting social causes?

    A: The Guinness name has always enjoyed a strong connection with philanthropy, established through the legacy of Arthur Guinness himself. We therefore feel it's appropriate that this legacy continues through The Arthur Guinness Fund. We understand our responsibility to develop, produce, market and sell our brands responsibly; and the Diageo Marketing Code ensures that everything we do promotes the responsible enjoyment of alcohol.

  • Q: How can I get involved with the Arthur Guinness Fund?

    A:The Arthur Guinness Fund has created an easy way for anyone to show their direct appreciation for the work each of the awardees does by raising a Toast with a Tweet ( ). By selecting one of amazing projects and sending out a tweet using #madeofmore, anyone can help raise valuable awareness of the fantastic work the project does within its local community.