Arthur Guinness Portrait

At Guinness we passionately believe in the power of people to unlock their, and their community's, potential.

Arthur Guinness Projects champions and supports those around the world who strive for the extraordinary, the people who roll up their sleeves and make great things happen. These people are the believers, the thinkers, the dreamers, the innovators and the doers who lay the foundations to build stronger communities for tomorrow’s generation.

  • The legacy of Arthur Guinness

    Established in 2009, Arthur Guinness Projects was founded to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Arthur Guinness signing the 9,000 year lease on the world-famous St James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin, and to continue his legacy of corporate philanthropy.

    Arthur Guinness was an entrepreneur and innovator who through acts of corporate philanthropy – such as funding hospitals and schools that improved the life of his workforce and the wider community – created a legacy of goodness.

    Today it is people like him, and that embody the same spirit, that are supported by Arthur Guinness Projects.

  • What Arthur Guinness Projects does

    To date the fund has committed over €8 million to entrepreneurs around the world, across a variety of projects, all designed to benefit communities at a grass roots level.

    As well as financial support, Arthur Guinness Projects awardees receive mentoring and marketing support to help raise awareness of their work and to effect positive change within their communities.

  • Our partners

    Arthur Guinness Projects works in partnership with a number of influential organisations around the world.

    ASHOKA is the largest network of social entrepreneurs worldwide, and provides a platform through which innovators can put their community-changing ideas into practice on a global scale.

    Through a long-standing partnership, Arthur Guinness Projects now globally supports over twenty ASHOKA social entrepreneurs.

    These exceptional individuals and their projects work around a diverse range of issues from deforestation, to equal employment opportunities, sustainable farming, and technology.

    We also have partnerships with The British Council and Virgin Unite – the common theme across all partnerships is that Arthur Guinness Projects supports those who are actively changing their community for the better.

    Arthur Guinness Projects is active globally, with established projects in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the UK, Europe, North America, the Caribbean and Africa.