By toasting with a tweet to one of the social entrepreneurs supported by Arthur Guinness Project, you can help raise awareness for their cause around the world

These exceptional individuals and their projects cover a diverse range of issues from deforestation, to equal employment opportunities, sustainable farming, and technology.

By supporting those who strive for the extraordinary today, you can help lay the foundations for stronger communities tomorrow.

How does it work?

  1. Pick one of the many projects in the list at the top
  2. Press "Login with Twitter (If you don't have a Twitter account, you can register here for free)
  3. Select "Authorize App"
  4. Check again if you have picked the right project and press "Send Tweet".
  5. Your tweet will be shown as one of many bubbles. You can hover over each bubble to see which project they belong to. The more followers you have, the bigger your bubble will be.


social entrepreneur graph social entrepreneur graph social entrepreneur graph