The Story

It all starts with just one man, but it's not down to a single 'eureka' moment. The history of GUINNESS® is a stirring tale of inspiration, dedication, ingenuity and effort. It's over two centuries of sublime brewing craft, a remarkable knack for spreading the word and more than a few leaps of faith. It's the story of how a unique Irish stout became, with a little magic, one of the World's best-loved beers.

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  1. 1725 Birth of a legend.
  2. 1725 Divine influence.
  3. 1742 Elizabeth Guinness dies.
  4. 1744 First record of Arthur's service to Archbishop Price.


  1. 1801 West India Porter is first brewed.
  2. 1803 Arthur Guinness dies.
  3. 1811 First shipment of GUINNESS® stout made to Lisbon.
  4. 1815 European campaign victories.
  5. 1820s Shipments of GUINNESS® are made to Guernsey, Barbados, Trinidad and Sierra Leone.
  6. 1821 Secrets of a perfect porter.
  7. 1824 A World famous brew.
  8. 1833 Success by the barrel.
  9. 1834 New bottles have clear advantage.
  10. 1840 A shipment of GUINNESS® is sent to New York.