1. West India Porter is first brewed.

    This porter is a precursor to modern day GUINNESS® Foreign Extra Stout.

  2. Arthur Guinness dies.

    Raise a glass to the memory of a true original. His son, Arthur Guinness II, inherits the brewing mantle.

  3. The first shipment of GUINNESS® stouts is made to Lisbon.

  4. European campaign victories.

    GUINNESS® beer is now well known on the Continent - reputedly aiding the recovery of a cavalry officer wounded at the Battle of Waterloo (as recalled by this 1930s advert).

  5. Shipments of GUINNESS® beer are made to Guernsey, Barbados, Trinidad and Sierra Leone.

  6. Secrets of a perfect porter.

    Arthur Guinness II sets down precise instructions for brewing GUINNESS® Extra Superior Porter - the precursor to today’s GUINNESS® Original and GUINNESS® Extra Stout.

  7. A World famous brew.

    GUINNESS® beer becomes increasingly known worldwide. An advertisement appears in a Dublin newspaper for “Guinness’s East & West India Porter.”

  8. Success by the barrel.

    The GUINNESS® brewery survives the post-war recession to become the biggest brewery in Ireland and the largest employer of coopers.

  9. New bottles have clear advantage.

    The Glass Tax is repealed and GUINNESS® beer can now be bottled in glass rather than stoneware.

  10. A shipment of GUINNESS® beer is sent to New York.