1. New GUINNESS® breweries open around the World.

    Brewing begins in:
    Kenya (under contract by East African Breweries, for Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, then Sudan and Somalia).
    Trinidad (under contract, by Caribbean Breweries).
    Sierra Leone (under contract with Sierra Leone Breweries).
    Angola (under contract by Eka Brewery).
    Liberia (under contract by Monrovia Breweries).
    Seychelles (under contract by Seychelles Breweries Limited.
    Jamaica (under contract).
    New Zealand.
    Thailand (under contract, by Thai Amarit Breweries).

  2. A message in a bottle x 50,000.

    The first "Bottle Drop" promotion. 50,000 numbered and sealed bottles are dropped overboard from ships in various oceans of the world. Finders send the enclosed slip back to Guinness Exports to receive a reply and a memento. Bottles are returned from locations across the world, including Liverpool Docks, the Bahamas, Tahiti, the Azores and Mexico.

  3. Trials begin of new GUINNESS® Draught.

  4. 'To you of the future…'

    A.W. Fawcett, the Chairman of Guinness Exports Limited, donates a Jereboam of champagne, to only be opened when World sales exceed Home sales. This is finally achieved in 2000.

  5. The first 200 years are the hardest.

    Bicentennial of the founding of the GUINNESS® brewery at St. James's Gate in Dublin.

  6. Launch of GUINNESS® Draught in Great Britain.

    The GUINNESS® bar fount appears in British pubs for the first time. Its design will go through many stages of evolution over the years.

  7. Go Guinness Ghana.

    Guinness Ghana is set up to import and market beer in the country.

  8. Independent Nigeria to brew its own.

    Nigerian independence from British rule is granted. GUINNESS® & Co. and Unilever (UAC) set up a fifty-fifty arrangement to brew and distribute in Nigeria. Opening in 1963, it's the first GUINNESS® brewery outside Britain and Ireland.

  9. Last of the old barrels.

    The last wooden keg is racked at the Brewery at St. James's Gate. From this date GUINNESS® stout, beer, or draught is stored and shipped in metal kegs.

  10. Canadian Variation gets going.

    In Toronto and Vancouver, Labatt's Brewery begins brewing GUINNESS® Extra Stout Variant (under contract).

  11. Malaysian PM opens a fresh one.

    In August 1965 the first commercial brew of the GUINNESS® Malaysian Brewery (Sungei Way Brewery, near Kuala Lumpur) is successfully completed, six weeks ahead of schedule. It is officially opened by the first Prime Minister of the recently independent Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman, on the 19th of March 1966.

  12. Land of the Rising Stout.

    A joint venture is set up in Japan with Sapporo to market imported GUINNESS® stout, beer, or draught.

  13. Bulldog roams Malaysian market.

    In Malaysia, GUINNESS® & Co.starts distributing and selling its own brands, adopting the Bulldog symbol across all products.

  14. Indonesia ready for business.

    Guinness Overseas Limited (London) establishes PT Guinness Indonesia in Jakarta, under leadership of Patrick Lawlor.

  15. Guinness Hong Kong formed.

  16. More new GUINNESS® breweries.

    1976 to 1985 a number of breweries opened around the world. Brewing begins in:
    Cote D'Ivoire (under contract).
    St. Kitts (under contract, by St. Kitts Brewery).
    Singapore (under contract by Asia Pacific Breweries).
    Indonesia (under contract by PT. Multi Bintang Indonesia).
    South Africa.
    Togo (under contract by Brasseries du Benin).

  17. Over 7 million glasses of GUINNESS® stout, draught, or beer are downed daily.

  18. He’s a real GUINNESS® drinker.

    Singapore enjoys a highly musical new ad campaign.

  19. Welcome to the Hopstore.

    The GUINNESS® Hopstore at St. James's Gate Brewery in Dublin is restored and opened. In 1988 it becomes the GUINNESS® visitor center - a precursor to the GUINNESS® STOREHOUSE™ of today.

  20. GUINNESS® now sold in 120 countries and brewed in 25.

  21. Pure advertising Genius.

    Launch of the Pure Genius Campaign, which includes the 'Man with the Guinness' TV commercials developed by Ogilvy & Mather for the UK (starring Rutger Hauer). Similar style commercials are also well received outside the UK.

  22. Advanced technology miniaturizes pub.

    The first 'widget' beer, GUINNESS® Draught in a can, is launched. Three years later it wins the Queen's award for technological achievement.

  23. Thousands of Irish pubs exported.

    The concept of the Irish Pub takes hold in Europe. By 1995, there are 1500 GUINNESS® Irish Pubs and by 1998, 2500 all over the world, selling GUINNESS® Draught.

  24. 100 years of Malaysian memories.

    GUINNESS® stout, drauht, or beer celebrates a century in Malaysia with a series of promotions running throughout the year. A specially recreated commemorative classic bottle that carries the original 1965 Guinness Foreign Extra Stout label is produced.

  25. Majestic export success continues.

    Guinness Brewing Worldwide is awarded the Queen's Award for Export Achievement for the third time.

  26. 'Not everything in black & white makes sense.'

    An epic new GUINNESS® advertising campaign makes its debut.

  27. Diageo is formed.

    Guinness PLC & Grand Metropolitan PLC merge to form Diageo PLC. The name comes from the Latin word for 'day' (dia) and the Greek word for 'world' (geo).

  28. O'Malley's begins Chinese dynasty.

    O'Malley's Shanghai, the first Irish Pub in China opens, and serves the first ever keg of GUINNESS® Draught in the World's most populous country.

  29. Tick followed tock followed tick followed tock…

    The new GUINNESS® advertising agency, AMV-BBDO, launch the 'Good things come to those who wait' campaign in the UK.

  30. Draught bottle gets rocket launch.

    GUINNESS® Draught in Bottles is launched using the new rocket widget.