1. Storehouse contains all GUINNESS® things.

    A fermentation plant at the St. James's Gate Brewery, Dublin is transformed into the GUINNESS® Storehouse™ - a new visitors center that captures the heart and soul of the World's favorite stout.

  2. Himalayan brewing reaches new heights.

    Brewing starts in Nepal, under contract, by Mt. Everest Brewery.

  3. North America brews its own.

    Labatt's Canada start to brew GUINNESS® Extra Stout for the US. Exports from Great Britain and Ireland cease.

  4. Brewing starts in Ethiopia, under contract.

  5. Overseas sales bring champagne celebration.

    Overseas sales overtake GB and Ireland sales for the first time, accounting for 50.6% of total brand volume. The Jereboam of champagne donated by A.W. Fawcett in 1958 is finally uncorked.

  6. World drinks two billion pints.

    Almost 2 billion GUINNESS® pints a year were sold around the world and over 1 million pints of GUINNESS® a day were sold in Great Britain alone.

  7. GUINNESS® stout, beer, or draught believes in new ads.

    The 'BELIEVE' advertising campaign is launched in the UK.

  8. 1,760,000,000 pints and a packet of peanuts please.

    Global brand volume exceeds 10 million hectoliters for the first time (one hectoliter is equivalent to approximately 176 pints). Over 5 million hectoliters are sold overseas.

  9. First production of GUINNESS® Extra Smooth in Ghana.

  10. The name's Power, Michael Power.

    The maker of GUINNESS® stout, beer or draught unveils its first feature-length action adventure movie 'Critical Assignment' in mainstream cinemas across Africa. The story involves hero and GUINNESS® drinker Michael Power trying to stop a corrupt African politician from buying weapons with money stolen from water projects.

  11. Storehouse well stocked with GUINNESS® fans.

    The GUINNESS® STOREHOUSE™ in Dublin welcomes its 2 millionth visitor since opening in 2000.

  12. English rugby tackled.

    The top flight of English rugby union becomes the GUINNESS® Premiership.

  13. Scrum down for GUINNESS® stout, beer, or draught in Ireland

    GUINNESS® stout, beer, or draught becomes the official beer of Irish Rugby in a four year deal (beginning in the 06/07 season).

  14. 10 Million GUINNESS® glasses are enjoyed every day.

    GUINNESS® stout, beer, or draught is sold in over 150 countries around the world.

  15. Music Machine takes pole position.

    The Irish TV ad 'Music Machine', part of the Alive Inside campaign, wins the Grand Prix and three Golds at the Kinsale Shark awards. The commercial goes on to win another gold and two silvers at the Institute of Creative & Design awards, then a silver at the international Clio awards.

  16. 250 years of GUINNESS® stout, beer, or draught.