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GUINNESS® Africa Special

Tasting notes

Aroma: Guinness roast character subtly blended with African ginger, lemongrass and chilli.

Flavour: A refreshing blend of natural African Herbs and Spices; ginger, lemongrass, vanilla, cola nut and chilli extracts.

Palate: full rounded with the perfect balance of sweet leading to a spicy/ slight bitter finish.

ABV: 5%

Appearance: A crisp black carbonated beer

The Story of GUINNESS® Africa Special

A dark beer with a vibrant soul, Guinness Africa Special marks a new era in Guinness brewing. The next chapter in a long-standing legacy of innovation, this is more than just a beer… it’s a whole different attitude. Made by Africans for Africa, this bold black brew is crafted with natural extracts grown in native soil. It’s then chill-filtered for an impossibly crisp and lively taste.


“I have been working with Guinness® and a team of creative people from Nigeria and beyond to inspire the taste, look and branding of this new beer. I’ve always admired Guinness but this was a chance to make it for us, by us. This new bottle carries with is all my favourite aspects of our culture: the timeless regality of our past and the exuberant vitality of today’s Africa. This is Guinness® reinvented. It’s made of me!”

O.C Ukeje - Guinness Brewer

Africa is restless. And so are we. We’ve been producing our world-famous stout for over two hundred years, but we’ve never stopped evolving. Our beer was born out of a thirst for adventure, travelling the world on perilous seas as early as the 1800s. In the 1960s, we became authentically African, with a brand new brewery set up in Nigeria - the first to be built outside of the UK and Ireland. Foreign Extra Stout was the order of the day, loved the world over for its full-bodied flavour. Now, ever thirsty for creativity, we decided the time was right to re-imagine an icon.

Brewed with all the distinctive character of Guinness and infused with the arresting, electric energy of modern Africa, Guinness Africa Special radiates style, smoothness and swag. African through and through, it’s a beer for a new generation, a classic remixed to a different beat. The taste is progressive, created with African herbs and spices in a bid to rethink our bold, bittersweet flavour with dynamism and freshness. Fusing the revolutionary ideas of a select group of African artists and tastemakers with all the craft and quality of Guinness’ brewing heritage, Africa Special is our boundless creative spirit bottled. It’s alive inside with natural African extracts and imbued with the power and pride of a new generation.