Compton Cowboys

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The Compton Cowboys

Compton, LA can be a tough place to live, but The Compton Cowboys have found an extraordinary way of enriching both their own lives and those of the community around them.

The Compton Cowboys tells the story of an extraordinary group of men living in Compton, LA, a city often known for gangs and violence. By following their true passion and caring for horses, they have made an unusual yet brave choice to take a different path to that of the gang life that dominated the environment in which they grew up. 

Many of their horses are rescued from auction houses where otherwise they would end up in the slaughterhouse. By saving these horses, nursing them, caring for them and bringing them back to life, the Cowboys find a sense of purpose and confidence that enriches both their lives and those of the people living in the community around them.

The campaign captures the essence of defying personal circumstances and features real-life cowboys, including the main protagonist Keenan Abercrombie, who was born and raised in Compton. In an interview for the campaign, Keenan talks frankly about his journey: “Growing up in Compton is pretty hit or miss. I had two choices. I could run the streets, or work with animals I loved. I chose horses.”

Despite growing up in difficult circumstances, which for some has even resulted in jail time, the Compton Cowboys have had the strength of character to re-focus their lives in a positive way. Together, they serve as an example to others that by making bold decisions and following your own path in life, you can find peace and personal fulfilment, regardless of circumstance. 

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