Guinness® Golden Ale

Tasting notes

Aroma: Pleasant hop aroma with malt notes breaking through

Flavour: Malty, biscuit, delicate hops, slight sweetness

Palate: Slight mouth drying, a refreshingly clean finish with little to no linger

ABV: 4.5%

Appearance: Rich deep yellow-gold colour

Hops: Celia

The Story of Guinness® Golden Ale

We've mastered the art of brewing black beer, but we've also got a lighter side. Within the distinctive golden hue of this ale lies some of our liveliest flavours. Delicate hops. Subtle biscuit. Slight sweetness. A refreshing bite yields to a dry finish, making for an enjoyable drink. Guinness Golden Ale: a premium beer worthy of the Guinness name.

“Anything we can dream up, we get to brew up”

Peter Simpson

Brewers have always been at the heart of Guinness, and it's for them – and for you – that we created the Brewers Project, a chance for our enterprising and innovative craftsmen to reinvent old recipes and dream up entirely new brews. Guinness Golden Ale is one such example. Ale might seem like a new addition to the Guinness family, but in fact, it couldn't be more ingrained in our past.

Before Arthur Guinness made the decision to focus solely on brewing porter, he was creating more traditional-style ales. Fast-forward to the present day and Guinness brewer Peter Simpson has created modern ale worthy of our name. Brewed with the finest hops, Irish barley and a carefully chosen amber malt, it's different, but – like every one of our new innovations  it's a slice our immovable heritage brought forward into the twenty-first century.

Introducing Guinness® Golden Ale

Introducing Guinness® Golden Ale