Rugby. It’s about passion, courage and commitment. No wonder, then, that Guinness® and this noble game go hand-in-hand. We’re proud to celebrate players with the confidence to carve their own path. Those like Welsh player Gareth Thomas, who faced his demons and discovered that solidarity doesn’t end when the final whistle blows. Or South African Ashwin Willemse, who defied his circumstances and found glory through the comradeship of his team. There’s more to rugby than size and strength. Here’s to the game.

RT @KenSweeney: Want dancing like this at next Happens gig. As discussed on show last night @tomhappens
People with passion can make the impossible happen. John Hammond, a man who saw no colour in the music. #MadeOfMore
The title is inspired by a Hammond quote, describing himself as “the sometimes intolerant champion of tolerance”
The campaign is voiced by Danny Glover. The actor, producer and humanitarian is also a huge fan of jazz and blues.