Two rugby teams in a scrum at Guinness Six Nations

At Guinness, we are committed to using our position as a world-leading brand to help create a better future – through sustainability, positive drinking and championing inclusivity and diversity.

We know that the way to rise to these challenges is through action with communities: this started with the streets and houses around our brewery and has expanded to everyone we work with around the world.

We believe that creating a collective community will accelerate change so we are working with our partners, and the fan community, to ensure that rugby is a sport where everyone feels respected, can have a great time and feel empowered to be themselves.




Support one another and encourage a more inclusive experience for all.

Be Respectful to the players, your fellow fans and all staff.

Show Zero Tolerance to any form of discrimination or harassment and Report discrimination to the relevant organisation if you see it happening, be it online, in the stadium and in the pub.

Be Responsible, particularly around alcohol consumption


We’re proud to be the first ever Official Sponsor of the Women’s Six Nations Championship and in 2021 kicked off the Never Settle programme with a successful campaign to increase visibility around the Women’s game.

  • We collaborated with Twitter to get 84 players from all the participating teams verified - just like the men would be – consequently raising their profile.
  • Having found that female players accounted for just 3% of the 14,916 rugby-related Wikipedia biographies, we partnered with Wikipedia to write the history of 124 players, writing 50,000 words. We then alerted the media, so they knew where to find factually correct sources, driving coverage and visibility of the women’s game.
  • We worked with current and ex-players as ambassadors and conducted media interviews to raise awareness of these collaborations and build excitement for the 2021 Championship.
  • We hosted a series of Facebook and Instagram Lives on Guinness’s channels, home to 6.5 million followers, using high profile personalities to bring new allies to the sport.


There are so many fantastic inclusive groups and teams in rugby across the UK. Find out more about some their stories and share yours with us by sending a direct message with Guinness GB on Instagram or Facebook:


We are also working with our partners to support in tackling discrimination when it does happen, by…

  • Working with Twitter as a collective community to ensure that hateful conduct and abusive behaviour put out on the platform around rugby are tackled swiftly with a zero-tolerance approach
  • Supporting the RFU’s launch of a dedicated matchday hotline in stadiums, for fans to report discrimination safely if it does happen
  • Working with Scottish Rugby and WRU to promote and support their matchday initiatives for fans to report discrimination safely if it does happen
  • Ensuring our social community management team, responsible for our owned social channels, are given the tools to deal with discrimination if we see it happen

If you see or hear anything that doesn’t sit right at a stadium please report it to the union by:

  • England rugby – text HELP to 60886
  • Scottish Rugby – report it to your closest steward
  • Welsh Rugby – report it to your closest steward