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Guinness Draught is intrinsically linked to the pub. They’re two sides of the same coin. However, thanks to the creation of the widget in 1988, consumers were eventually able to enjoy the rich, creamy taste of Guinness Draught from the comfort of their own home.

Since then, Guinness lovers across the globe have become fascinated with crafting the “perfect” Guinness Draught at home, from mastering the art of pour to exploring with different glassware.

While we believe nothing can quite measure up to the magic of the pub, bustling with conversation and character, we’ve also made it our mission to ensure there’s nothing standing in the way of enjoying a beautiful, great tasting Guinness Draught at home.


When pouring yourself a can of Guinness Draught at home, we’re very much of the mindset - Your Guinness, Your Way! Whether you have a preferred method of pouring or a favourite glass you hide at the back of the cupboard, follow your own style and enjoy it your way.

In friend groups the world over, there’s been much debate around whether a can of Guinness Draught should be poured at a 45-degree angle or using the “hard pour” method. With both methods, all you need to do is follow four simple steps. You pull, you pour, it settles, and you enjoy! However, it’s the method of pouring that’s up for interpretation.


Some believe it’s all about the classic 45-degree angle, pouring into a glass in one go before leaving to settle. However, others believe the magic lies in the hard pour, also known as “the flip”. Using a clean can, flip the can upside down into the glass lifting out slowly as the liquid rises to meet it.

The only way to find out? Give it a go for yourself!

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