Innovation at Guinness

Guinness’ dedication to innovation started with none other than the man himself, Arthur Guinness, who in 1801 created the brand’s first major innovation, West India Porter. He challenged himself to find a way to export his beer to countries like the West Indies. But he needed a seriously reliable preservation method and instead of looking outside for the answers, Arthur looked inside. By creating a recipe with a high alcohol and hops content, he made a more intense beer that could preserve itself for the long journeys overseas. Genius!

Through the years, Guinness’ dedication to innovation has remained a key part of the brand’s mission. From the wide variety of beers and technical firsts such as the introduction of nitrogen to beer and the world-renowned widget through to the MV Miranda Guinness, built in 1977 as the world’s first bulk liquid carrier, commissioned to carry Guinness from Dublin to the UK. Guinness continues to push the boundaries within the world of brewing, having recently mastered the alcohol-free pint as well as Guinness MicroDraught – the keg so small it comes in a can.

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