Guinness #Phonesdown

Here’s to real pub chat

We all love our phones. And what they allow us to do. But sometimes real, face to face, chat is better. Many publicans and pub-goers believe the smartphone has affected the pub atmosphere.

That's why Guinness has come together with almost 1,000 pubs across the island of Ireland to bring sociability back to the pub.

We’re encouraging pub-goers to put their #PhonesDown once a week in their local pub while catching up with friends over a pint. And we'll reward those who join us in bring real chat back. So During September we’ll be partnering with participating pubs to offer a selection of offers, such as getting 2 Guinness for the price of 1 to share with a friend or some tasty Guinness and food offers. Chat to your barman in participating pubs here to find out more